Therapeutic Worksheets

Among the many exclusive downloadable parenting tools we offer here at is a fabulous set of therapeutic worksheets for children (otherwise known as "Expressions of Me!").

This unique collection of therapeutic worksheets was created and assembled for several purposes:
1. To provide children and teens with a safe, non-intimidating outlet for their thoughts and feelings
2. To help children address various issues that they face each day in their lives
3. To help facilitate open communication about important topics between children and parents.

What are therapeutic worksheets?

Therapeutic worksheets are exactly what they say they are – they are worksheets that are specifically designed to provide some sort of therapeutic benefit to the individual using them. These particular worksheets may offer some sort of "emotional outlet" for the user or may have a "healing" (or cathartic) value to them.

Why Use Therapeutic Worksheets?

Therapeutic Worksheets

Therapeutic worksheets offer children a safe outlet with which to express feelings, needs, and ideas related to a variety of issues. Parents and mental health professionals can gleam valuable insight from the answers that their children and/or clients provide.

How to Use Therapeutic Worksheets with your Child or Client

Simply print the worksheets then grab a pencil and get going! There is no particular order in which the worksheets need to be completed and there is no "right" or "wrong" way for any child to answer. Once the child is finished with a worksheet (or a set of worksheets) then the parent, teacher, or mental health professional can sit down and process (review) the answers with the child.

Often times, children don’t want to talk face to face with a parent or therapist. They find it uncomfortable, embarrassing, and sometimes even intimidating. Therapeutic worksheets relieve those uneasy feelings and allow children to express themselves in a safe, comfortable and non-threatening manner.

Parents, teachers, counselors, therapists, and other mental health professionals will find these downloadable worksheets useful when working with children in a residential, clinical, or institutional setting.

If you work with children and/or adolescents in a therapeutic capacity then these downloadable worksheets are just what you need to foster therapeutic discussions and to gain insight about the child or client you are working with.

Topics that are covered in our therapeutic worksheets include:

  • Anger Issues
  • Character Traits
  • Social Skills
  • Safety Plan for at Home
  • Behavioral Issues
  • Coping Skills
  • Feelings and Emotions
  • Personal Goals
  • and much more!

If you are in need of some valuable and easily-accessible worksheets then you have come to the right place. We think we have just what you need!

"Expressions of Me" Details:
  • Part of a Larger "Parenting Tools" Package
  • 70+ Therapeutic Worksheets
  • Worksheets for Young Children to Older Teens
  • Can be Downloaded Immediately after Purchase
  • Cover Included in Download