Behavior Contracts: A New Parenting Trend

A new parenting trend is beginning to take shape around the country. Parents are now turning to prewritten printable behavior contracts as a simple and effective method for dealing with their children's problem behaviors. Children and teens respond well to the structure and consistency that they provide - while parents appreciate the simplicity and effectiveness that they bring to the discipline process.

One of the benefits of utilizing a behavior contract is that it can be written to cover any number of topics and/or issues. Children can learn basic values such as responsibility, respect, and/or safety, while teenagers can be taught proper boundaries with regards to dating, driving, and/or socializing. Parents can also address character traits, chores, and school-related issues.

Implementing a behavior contract in your home means that your children will now have a detailed explanation of how to behave. Expectations are clearly defined and the consequences of their behavior are also explained by listing the privileges and restrictions that result when the contract is either met or not met. Children will now know what to expect when they act in a certain way. They can also eliminate inconsistencies and relieve parents from having to come up with consequences on the spot.

Another benefit to using behavior contracts is that it can be changed, modified, or adjusted as needed. If a new behavior begins to present as a problem, simply add the necessary content or paragraph to the contract then re-sign and re-date it at the bottom. It might also be necessary to adjust the privileges and restrictions on the contract as they become more or less effective with a particular child.

The one disadvantage to using a child behavior contract is that, at least for a lot of parents, it is difficult to know where to begin or how to write one effectively. There are many websites that now offer advice on how to write an effective behavior contract and there are even a few sites that offer prewritten child contracts that need only be printed out. These printable behavior contracts cover a variety of issues and are a great asset to parents looking to minimize troublesome behavior from their child.

The simplicity and effectiveness of child behavior contracts will undoubtedly satisfy those frustrated parents out there who are looking for ways to provide more structure and consistency in their homes. If you are interested in finding a great set of printable behavior contracts for your child or teen, then consider visiting any or all of the sites listed below. Each of these sites has a different set of contracts that can be printed out and used immediately. Find the set that works best for you.

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