Social Skills, Life Skills, Coping Skills, and a Whole Lot More!

"Expressions of Me" is a collection of therapeutic worksheets designed to teach character traits, social skills, life skills, and coping skills to children of all ages. This unique set of worksheets teaches valuable lessons to children and provides parents with insight into their children's thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. These worksheets are a wonderful way for children to learn more about themselves and how they identify with or relate to others.

Simply print out these unique worksheets and present them to your child as a journaling assignment. Designate a specific number of worksheets for your child to complete each day (or week) then schedule a "processing" time in which you sit down with him or her to discuss the answers. You might be amazed at what you learn about your child. This is also a great way to spend quality "bonding" time with your child.

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Social skills, life skills, and coping skills are an important and essential part of every person's development. Failure to acquire these skills can have a profoundly negative impact on your life. Developing these skills will improve your chances of becoming a socially-responsible and therefore desirable member of society. These worksheets will teach you a lot about yourself and hopefully instill some valuable life lessons.

Counselors, Therapists, Educators:
If you think these worksheets are great for parents, imagine what they could do for you! These worksheets will provide you with an opportunity to really get to know the child(ren) that you are working with. Find out what really motivates each child. Find out about each child's unique thoughts, feelings, and desires. Of course, doing learning assessments are a lot more straightforward, but at this crucial age it's important to engage with them on a face-to-face basis. These worksheets are just the resource you have been looking for. Perfect for use in residential treatment facilities or day treatment classrooms.

Some of the Topics Covered in the "Expressions of Me" Worksheets:
Character TraitsHonesty, Responsibility, Respect, Initiative, Safety, Kindness, etc.
Social SkillsIdentifying and Expressing Feelings, Being Helpful, Being a Good Friend, Making Positive Choices, Seeking Positive Attention, Apologizing Appropriately, etc.
Coping SkillsSelf-Soothing Techniques, Conflict Resolution, Stop Sequence, Problem Solving, etc.

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